Official Uniben Part-Time Courses Approved By NUC

Below are list of part-time programmes approved by NUC

B. Agric.  (Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science);
B.Agric. (Fisheries);
B.Agric. (Forestry and Wildlife);
B.A. (English and Literature);
B.A. (International studies and Diplomacy);
B.A. Linguistics);
B.A. (Linguistics and Edo Language);
B.A. (Mass Communication);
B.A. (Ed) (Adult Education);
B.A. (Ed) (Adult Education / Fine and Arts);
B.SC. (Ed) (Adult Education / Economics and Statistics);
B.SC. (Ed) (Adult Education / Political Science);
B.SC. (Ed) (Adult Education / English and Literature);
B.A. (Ed) (History);
B.A. (Ed) (French);
B.A. (Ed) (Fine Arts);
B.A. (Ed) (Edo Language);
B.A. (Ed) (Religious Studies);
B.SC. (Ed) (Economics and Statistics);
B.SC. (Ed) (Geography and Regional Planning);
B.SC. (Ed) (Political Science and Public Administration);
B.SC. (Ed) (Biology);
B.SC. (Ed) (Chemistry);
B.SC. (Ed) (Mathematics);
B.SC. (Ed) (Physics);       
B.SC. (Ed) (Computer Science);         
B.SC. (Ed) (Integrated Science);         
B.SC. (Ed) (Social Studies);     
B.SC. (Ed) (Human Kinetics);  
B.SC. (Ed) (Health Education);           
B.SC. (Ed) (Environmental Education);
B.SC. (Ed) (Agriculture Education);
B.SC. (Ed) (Business Education);        
B.SC. (Ed) (Home Economics Education);      
B.SC. (Ed) (Industrial Technical Education);
B.SC.) (Accounting);       
B.SC.  (Banking and Finance);
B.SC.  (Computer Science);    
B.SC. (Physics);
B.SC.  (Public Administration);            

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