Conference On Edo Women Negotiating Autonomy 2019 - Uniben


The Institute for Benin Studies, Benin City (Nigeria) in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Benin, Benin City and Tayo Akpata Foundation, Benin City announces an International conference holding in Benin City, Nigeria 18-21 JUNE 2019 on:

THEME: Edo Women negotiating autonomy: Economy, Power and Society
The image of the Edo woman has since the last decade of the 20th Century, suffered a bad press on account of the alleged involvement of some women in human trafficking. The negative image has affected the social perception of the people and their rich cultural heritage. It has compromised the legendary respect, regard and prestige enjoyed by icons of Benin history, women that are acknowledged in the best museums worldwide. This worrying development has tended to question the existential relevance of Benin women in national and global discourse on Nigeria’s development and their contribution to global achievements and discoveries.
To understand the development of this negative image, the Institute for Benin Studies, Benin City, Center for Gender Studies, University of Benin, Benin City and Tayo Akpata Foundation, Benin City are co-organizing an international Conference on Edo Women negotiating autonomy: Economy, Power and Society in Benin City, Nigeria on 18th -21st June 2019. The objectives of the conference are to probe into the history and culture of Edo societies over time in order to unravel how women have fared, the present state of women among the Edo speaking people and publish a source and reference book on Edo women and culture, under the under-listed sub-themes:
· Role of Women in the development of Settlements/Communities
· Edo Women and Agricultural Production
· Edo Women in Arts & Crafts
· Edo Women and Resource Extraction
· Edo Women and Trade in Pre-colonial Edo society
· Edo Women in Intergroup Relations within Edo Society and the Diaspora
· Edo Women and Religion
· Edo Women and Politics- Succession, Titles and Regency
· Edo Women, Cultural Groups and Performance
· Edo Women in the Colonial Economy: Trade, Agriculture etc.
· Edo Women, Nationalism and Political Struggles in Decolonization Era
· Edo Women in Post-Colonial Economy
· Edo Women in the Career Pathways
· Edo Women and the Economic Crisis Since the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP)
· Edo Women in the Diaspora
· Edo Women, War and Politics
· Edo Women and Literature
· Edo Women and Historiography
· Edo Women, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
· Edo Women and Activism
· Edo Women and Human Trafficking
· Edo Women and Migration
· Edo Women and Music: Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional
· Edo Women, Education and the Learning Enterprise
Contributors should send their abstract(s) of not more than 250 words on any of the above sub-themes not later than 15th May 2019 to:
Secretary, Institute for Benin Studies,
18 Ezoti St, Off Airport Road,
Benin City,
Email –
Centre for Gender Studies,
University of Benin
Benin City

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