Success Secrets To Be Aware Of As A New Student In The University


Success secrets you should know or be aware of as a new student in the university 

 Check out the points below

1.Your first year (100level) in school is the most important period of your stay. Hence, take caution in selecting your friends and cliques. These friends will either make you or mare your life.

2. Your first year (100 level) is the best period to build a solid Grade Point (G.P) for yourself as a new student. This is because some less complicated courses (Introductory Courses) are done during your first year. You are less engaged in school sociopolitical activities (these activities can pose to be a great distraction). During your first year, lecturers are more dedicated, patient and punctual.

3. Participate in all group projects and assignments. Oftentimes, test and examination questions are picked from assignments given.

 4. Rent an apartment that is close to your campus; sometimes you may be totally out of cash and trekking down to class may be the only option
available. Renting a house that is a stone throw from school will save you unnecessary wastage of money on transportation. 

5. Ensure you equip yourself with all study materials (textbooks, handout etc). Some lecturers give extra marks if you buy their textbooks.

6. Endeavour to attend all lectures; be punctual and attentive. Attendance record may be taken
unexpectedly; this fetches additional marks for the lucky few.

7. Get a reading partner or group in your department. Your reading group should be different from your casual friends, it should be of mixed gender, members of the reading group should take turn to teach and make the class as interactive as possible.

8. Map out your personal study time and habit , and try to constantly stick with it. It is bad habit to constantly adjust your reading time to suit your personal activities rather your personal activities should be adjusted to suit your study time.

9. Take all assignments, quiz and test seriously.

10. Study all past questions but do not rely on them alone, read your textbooks and notes as well.

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